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The 'Gold Standard' of Traps

About us

Tracing Gumtree’s legacy to PCI, India’s first and biggest pest control product company:

In 2009, the then CMD and CEO of Pest Control India Private Limited (PCI), Mr. Anil S. Rao (Anil Rao), started Gumtree Traps Pvt. Ltd. (Gumtree) to provide non-pesticidal pest control solutions worldwide. 


PCI was a pioneering Indian pest control company that two brothers, N. Sripad Rao and N. Bhavani Shankar Rao, started in 1954.


Anil Rao succeeded his father, N. Sripad Rao, at PCI in 1987 and headed it till it formed a joint venture with Rentokil PLC of the UK in 2017. 


During Anil Rao’s three-decade tenure at the helm, PCI introduced pest control products several  in India. Such product introductions helped the company offer a wide range of pest management services meeting international standards to its residential and business customers, including multinational corporations (MNCs).  


Mr. Anil Rao

Promoter - Gumtree Traps Pvt. Ltd.

About us
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Gumtree Traps are used in...

Tea Plantations


Some of Our Clients

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Our Customer Reviews

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“We have always found that the products supplied are of high quality and very effective. Supplies are also smooth and timely.” 


- MD Arshad

  (General Manager —  Cannon Pest Management, Bangladesh)


Customisation for Businesses

We offer customisation on all our products with your brand design and labels at an absolutely competitive price.

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