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Gumtree Customers

Tracing Gumtree’s legacy to PCI, India’s first and biggest pest control company:


In 2009, the then CMD and CEO of Pest Control India Private Limited (PCI), Mr. Anil S. Rao (Anil Rao), started Gumtree Traps Pvt. Ltd. (Gumtree) to provide non-pesticidal pest control solutions worldwide. 


PCI was a pioneering Indian pest control company that two brothers, N. Sripad Rao and N. Bhavani Shankar Rao, started in 1954.


Anil Rao succeeded his father, N. Sripad Rao, at PCI in 1987 and headed it till it formed a joint venture with Rentokil PLC of the UK in 2017. 


During Anil Rao’s three-decade tenure at the helm, PCI introduced several products in India. Such product introductions helped the company offer a wide range of pest management services meeting international standards to its residential and business customers, including multinational corporations (MNCs). 

Mr. Anil Rao, 

Promoter - Gumtree Traps Pvt. Ltd.

Based on his long experience in the Indian and global pest control industry, Anil Rao foresaw the need for local manufacture of high-quality, glue-based pest control products in India and established Gumtree in 2009.   

Since 2010, Gururaj Agnihotri, a  veteran of the Indian pest control industry with 29 years of vast experience in various business aspects, has been heading Gumtree as its director. 

With his background in termite control, bird control, pest control equipment, global alliances, and manufacturing, Gururaj established Gumtree’s production units and handled the country’s sales and operations.

Gururaj Agnihotri, Director - Gumtree Traps Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Gururaj Agnihotri,

Director - Gumtree Traps Pvt. Ltd.

Our philosophy

We empower people to ‘manage pests sans pesticides’ by providing customers with a non-pesticidal, safer alternative to chemical pesticides for pest control products. 

Gumtree Journey

A brief history of Gumtree trap manufacturing:

Gumtree started production at its Mumbai Mira Road factory in 2011 by making cockroach traps. Soon after, it started manufacturing rodent control boards, the company’s most popular product range, at the same factory.  


In 2014, Gumtree imported machines to produce fly ribbons. In 2015, it purchased an industrial plot at Goa Industrial Development Corporation’s (IDC’s) Pilerne Industrial Estate.  


The construction of a new Gumtree factory building at Pilerne started in 2016 and was finished by the end of 2019. 


By the time its Pilerne factory was ready in 2019, Gumtree had successfully achieved certification of its processes to the Integrated Management System (IMS) covering quality, environmental and occupational safety, and health systems.

Gumtree added additional equipment for making rat glue traps, fly traps, and traps for other pests between 2014 and 2022. In addition, some of Gumtree’s trap-making machines are fully automated, letting the company produce large quantities quickly for high-volume orders.   


The Gumtree product range is testimony to its mission and helps control pests in homes, businesses, gardens, and farms. As of 2022, Gumtree makes rodent, fly, cockroach, and agricultural pest control traps at its Pilerne factory.  


Starting by making 14 million traps in 2016-17, Gumtree has produced more than 50 million traps, crossing the milestone production of its fifty millionth trap in 2021-22.


Who are Gumtree customers? 

Gumtree customers belong to the Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) segments.  Consumers use Gumtree products at home against common household pests like cockroaches, flies, and rodents. Consumers also use Gumtree products against sap-sucking pests in home gardens.  Farmers also favor Gumtree products in orchards, plantations, and agricultural fields to control sap-sucking pests and moths, using Gumtree yellow and blue sticky traps.  Due to the pesticide-free nature of Gumtree products, organic farmers use them extensively for organic pest control in their crops.  Greenhouses for floriculture and ornamental plants, organic farmers, and horticulturists rely on Gumtree yellow and blue sticky traps to control sap-sucking pests.


Worldwide Pest control operators (PCOs) are a key customer segment for Gumtree and have been using its product range for more than a decade as of 2022. Larger volume buyers order Gumtree products with their brand labels.  Many leading national and multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies offering a range of products for pest control purchase Gumtree products with the buyers’ branding or own-label products.  As a result of Gumtree products’ high-quality and defect-free nature, own-label product buyers trust the company for their production and outsource it to Gumtree. As Gumtree products are easy-to-use, businesses like restaurants and food factories also buy and use rodents and fly traps. Gumtree is India’s leading producer of sticky glue traps for pest control. Gumtree is the Gold Standard in glue traps as the brand has evolved its standards without industry norms for the product range.

In addition, the manufacture of products in a dust-free environment and compliance with Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) standards make Gumtree the only Indian manufacturer to have such a distinction.  


Exports for the international market: 

Gumtree has exported its products to customers across the globe, including Europe, Middle Eastern countries, and countries in Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Bangladesh.   



Gumtree aims to be the preferred choice of all its customers and a preferred global brand and shall continue to innovate to offer cost-effective and safer pest control solutions.


Top ten reasons why Gumtree traps are the Gold Standard of their category

Gumtree is India’s leading producer of glue traps for pest control, and the brand is the Gold Standard in glue traps as it has evolved its standards in the absence of industry norms for its product range.  


A legacy and a cumulative experience of close to a hundred years of the leadership team of Gumtree in the pest control industry ensures that the products have great design, are high-quality, and are trustworthy to ensure customer satisfaction. 


We list here the top ten reasons why Gumtree traps are the Gold Standard of their category.

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Our team of researchers, including experienced entomologists, design the product range to suit pest behavior and for effective rodent and insect control. Each Gumtree product goes through a stringent evaluation before its commercial launch.

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Gumtree uses the highest quality glue raw material to make traps where the glue does not drip or dry. Each Gumtree trap is in the same condition as at manufacture when a customer uses it for pest control.

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Gumtree is the only Indian glue-trap manufacturer that produces its products in a dust-free environment resulting in all its traps having full stickiness when a customer uses them. 

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Full compliance with Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) standards: Gumtree is the only Indian manufacturer certified to the Integrated Management System (IMS) standard comprising three international business standards.

ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality Management System (QMS)

ISO 14001: 2015 - Environmental Management System (EMS)

ISO 45001: 2018 (previously ISO 18001: 2015) - Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS)

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Gumtree products have the most stringent specifications of their category that are far superior to those of similar products. Gumtree traps have, on average, 35% higher glued surfaces than other brands. Also, Gumtree uses the highest quantity of glue in each glue trap when you compare the glue in similar traps of other brands.

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Each gumtree trap goes through twenty-one (21) quality inspection checks before, during, and after production, ensuring that every trap a customer receives is exactly as per the product specification and performs to trap and control pests effectively.  

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Each Gumtree trap comes with a release paper or other mechanism to prevent it from adhering to other traps or surfaces. As a result, a user only needs to remove the non-sticky paper or open a trap to use it. In addition, Gumtree provides release paper on both sides of its traps to provide hassle-free product use to its customers.

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Unpacking or using Gumtree traps is very easy. Gumtree traps do not drip and have release papers, so a customer can easily peel off the non-sticky release paper to prepare the trap for use. 

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Gumtree traps retain their stickiness in the supply chain from its factory to the point of use. Even after exposure to the environment, Gumtree traps’ glue retains its stickiness and ability to trap and control pests.

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Gumtree provides perforations on fly control boards to let customers choose the size they want and use the appropriate sizes in their flycatchers or sticky traps. Gumtree manufactures to meet the high-volume requirement of traps of PCOs or other businesses in their customized colors and branding. 

Why Gumtree
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