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Cockroach Control Products

Cockroaches are among the most common pests as they have adapted to human environments and relish the food and beverages consumed by people.  The two types of cockroaches at home are German and American.

German cockroaches are most likely to occur inside a home and prefer warm, humid environments to thrive.  Therefore, German cockroaches love the three W's or wood, water, and warmth, and they can be found near one of these three at home.

Leaky pipes, condensation, and drains are places German cockroaches prefer as they need moisture to survive.  As refrigerator compressors and storage near stoves have warmth, you will also find cockroaches near them. 

Therefore, German cockroaches are closely associated with human dwellings and cannot survive without humans.

GT Roach Trapp.png

An innovative and easy-to-use Rat Trap. A novel design with superior glue ensure effective catch and keeps it out of sight. Can easily be disposed of without touching the pest and without harming the environment.

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