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  • For which pest do we use the Gumtree Rattrap Box?
    The Gumtree Ratrapp Box is one which a user can fold to make a square tunnel-like trap. It is suitable for trapping rats and mice and conceals the trapped rodent from view outside the trap.
  • For which pest do we use the Gumtree Rattrap Max?
    The Gumtree Ratrapp Max is the widest of the three Gumtree rodent controlproducts. It is suitable for trapping rats (roof and sewer rats) and mice.
  • For which pest do we use the Gumtree Ratrapp Mini?
    As its name suggests, the Gumtree Ratrapp Mini is suitable for trapping mice.
  • Can I control cockroaches at my home with the Gumtree Roach Trapp?
    No. The Gumtree Roach Trapp is primarily a monitoring device with which you can determine the number and life stages of German cockroaches at your home. Apart from using the Gumtree Roach Trapp, you must take cockroach preventive steps at your home and use a professional pest controller. Using cockroach gel bait by a pest controller is the most effective control method against cockroaches at home.
  • How frequently must I replace the Gumtree Roach Trapp?

    There is no universal frequency to replace the Gumtree Roach Trapp. As it is a monitoring device, you must check it once weekly for the cockroaches trapped on it. If it is full of cockroaches, then it can no longer trap them, after which you must replace them.
  • How do I attract pests to Delta Traps?
    Gumtree Delta Traps by themselves do not attract insect pests. It would be best if you used the Delta traps in conjunction with pheromone lures available in the market. Pheromone lures are specific and are available for a range of Lepidopteran (moth) pests of field crops and stored product insects.
  • How does the Delta Trap work?
    The Gumtree Delta Trap has three components – the outer covering or the trap, a Gumtree sticky liner, and a pheromone lure (not sold by Gumtree but available in the market from other manufacturers). The pheromone lure emits odors that attract the target insect pests. When the pheromone lure attracts the insects to get into the Delta trap, they get stuck on the sticky liner. A count of the insects trapped on the sticky liner indicates the pest population.
  • How does the Gumtree Giant Fly Trap work?

    The Gumtree Giant Fly Trap is a yellow sticky trap that attracts houseflies through its yellow color and the pictures of houseflies on it. Houseflies are attracted to the Giant Fly Trap stick to it and get trapped. The Giant Fly Trap is an outdoor trap most effective when placed in an area with many flies.
  • How does the Fly strip work?
    The Gumtree Fly strip is a narrow (3.8 cm) polypropylene strip with glue on both sides. Houseflies habitually congregate on vertical surfaces and settle on fly strips where they get stuck. The Gumtree Fly strip is a good tool to trap houseflies using their behavior of sitting on vertical surfaces.
  • How does the Fly Bag work?
    The Gumtree Fly Bag has a funnel, a plastic bag, and an odour-releasing compound (activated by water addition). The odor attracts houseflies to the fly bag, after which they enter through the funnel and can’t fly back out. The trapped flies drown in the water inside the fly bag.
  • How does the Fly jar work?
    The Gumtree fly bag has a funnel, a reusable plastic jar, and an odor-releasing compound (activated by water addition). The odor attracts houseflies to the fly jar, after which they enter the jar through the funnel and can’t fly back out. The trapped flies drown in the water inside the fly jar. You can reuse the fly jar by adding the odour-releasing compound and water. In what ways can the Fly bag and Fly jar perform better? As the fly bag and fly jar’s odor release is higher in sunlight, installing them in sunlight helps attract more houseflies. As wind can dilute the odor from the fly bag and the fly jar, avoid installing them in a windy place.
Do' & Don'ts

Tips for the effective use of Gumtree products 

the do’s and don’ts for using our product

The Gumtree product range against rodents, cockroaches, houseflies, plant pests, and stored product insect pests is a non-pesticidal solution in pest control.

Careful use of these products, as per our instructions, helps users maximize the benefit of using such Gumtree products and effectively control the target pests.

Gumtree rodent trap range: Mouse trap, Rat Trapp Max, and Rat Trapp Box

The Gumtree rodent product range is for trapping mice and rats.  While the Mouse trap is suitable for trapping mice if you suspect a rat infestation, choose the Rat Trapp Max or the Rat Trapp Box.


While Mouse trap and Rat Trapp Mini may sometimes trap rats, Gumtree has designed them primarily for mouse capture.  

We recommend you use only the Rat Trapp Max and the Rat Trapp Box against rats, as only that trap has sufficient glue to trap and immobilize sewer or roof rats.

These traps are suitable only for one-time use and ineffective after they trap a rodent.


Ensure that you place the Gumtree rodent traps where people are not walking around and may accidentally step on them.

Prevent children or pets from accessing Gumtree rodent traps or using them as toys.

If you accidentally touch the glue and it sticks to your fingers or skin, remove it with any diluent, such as vegetable oil or an all-purpose diluent WD40 degreaser.


Gumtree rodent traps only trap mice and rats and does not kill them.  Hence, sometimes you may find live mice and rats in your traps.

You may sometimes find multiple mice or rats in one trap, which is by exception and not a norm.

Wrap the glueboard with the trapped rodent in a brown paper bag and discard the entire package in the trash for disposal.

In rare instances, you may find rodent escape from a Gumtree trap.  Such an occurrence is due to the strong urge of a trapped rodent to self-preservation and yanks itself off the glueboard after getting trapped.


Rodent trapping only helps to capture some of the rodents in a structure, whereas more rodents may enter the structure through entry points in the future.  Rodent control is effective when cleaning, rodent proofing, and trapping happen in tandem.

Though rodents move along the walls and placing glueboards along walls is a simple and popular method to trap them, you must remember that rodents also move away from walls.  Therefore, it is important to be aware of rodent paths while placing glueboards and not be fixated only on placement along walls.


Gumtree fly trap range: Fly bag, Fly jar, Fly control board, Fly strip, and fly trap Max

Flies are pests both outdoors and indoors.  Fly traps, when used indoors, must not attract flies from outdoors to indoors.


Fly bags and jars are outdoor use products and work by emitting odor attractive to houseflies.  However, as the fly bag odor may be unappealing to many people, it is better to use fly bags and jars only outdoors.


Fly ribbons and fly trap max are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.  However, in case of very high housefly infestation, fly ribbons and fly trap max may become full of trapped flies.


Fly control boards are universal glueboards that fit into most flycatchers.  The fly control boards have perforations that allow users to make rectangular pieces that fit into the glueboard slots of flycatchers.

There is no universal frequency for changing fly control boards.  However, a common practice is to change the fly control boards once monthly or even earlier when they are full of trapped insects.  

Though fly catchers emit UV-A to attract filth flies, you may also find it trapping other insect species, including stored product pests, night flying insects, etc.  


As houseflies are prolific breeders, some structures may have many houseflies in and around them.  Gumtree fly products are not a control tool to trap all houseflies as the latter can occur in large numbers.  

Fly trapping works well with air curtains, insect screens, focus on cleanliness, and the use of fly baits outdoors.  In addition, preventing housefly entry indoors is important for effectively trapping flies.

Gumtree cockroach trap range: Roach Trapp

Ensure the trap does not become wet, as it may become ineffective.

The trap is effective only with the food attractant.

The cockroach trap is not a control measure and works best when used in conjunction with cleanliness and cockroach gel bait application.


Gumtree integrated pest management (IPM) range: Delta traps, Delta liners, Yellow sticky traps, Blue Sticky traps


Delta traps are the outer cover and trap insects only if they have a pheromone lure (attractant) and a sticky liner.

Customers must directly source pheromone lures for Gumtree traps from other manufacturers.

Delta traps are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  They are useful in monitoring moth pests in fields and warehouses.

There is no universal frequency for replacing the sticky liner in a Delta trap.  However, a liner full of trapped insects needs replacement as it may be unable to trap more insects.


Yellow and blue sticky traps are for outdoor use against plant-sap-sucking pests.   Both these traps are available in multiple widths, allowing the user to tear along the perforations to create strips of varying widths.

As flying insects get stuck on yellow and blue sticky traps, the user must hang those traps in the places around plants where the flying insects occur.  Gumtree sells its sticky traps with ties you can use to hang the trap.




Gumtree glue traps are an important component of integrated pest management (IPM).  They are very useful monitoring tools that indicate the presence and extent of a pest population.  

When pest controllers use Gumtree glue traps in an IPM program, it is easy to gain control over pests even with minimal pesticide application.

We hope you found this article on tips for using Gumtree products useful.  We are sure that the do’s and don’ts we listed above will benefit you in controlling pests at your premises.

The Gumtree guide to pest control with glue traps


Glue traps are popular in pest control to catch insects and other pests.  The basic principle of glue traps is to immobilize the pests by adhering to them and preventing pest escape or damage.


Glue trap technology is highly sophisticated, with the choice of the glue, the board (substrate), and the color all significantly impacting the product’s success in trapping pests.


Hot melt glues are those which become liquid when heated.  Manufacturers like Gumtree dispense hot melt glue on cardboard blanks to make rodent control traps like the Rattrapp Mini, Rattrap Max, and Rattrap Box.


The glue on rodent traps is 2-3 mm thick, and enough of such glue is required to snare a mouse or rat and effectively prevent its escape.  Therefore, glue quality and quantity are equally crucial in determining a Glue Trap’s success.  Similarly, even the quality and thickness of the trap’s cardboard impact the effectiveness of a rodent glue trap. 


The average weight of mice ranges from 20 to 35 gm.  In comparison, the average weight of rats is much higher at 250 to 500 gm.  Gumtree uses more than sufficient glue quantity on its rodent glue board range to trap and prevent mice and rats from escaping its traps designed for different rodent types.  Gumtree trap design also enables the multi-trapping of rodents, as traps sometimes have multiple catches.


The glue on Gumtree’s Roach Trapp, Fly strip, Fly trap max, Delta Liners, Yellow Sticky Trap, and Blue Sticky trap is only a few microns thick but still effective in trapping the target pests, which are insects and hence are lighter compared to rodents.  However, insects’ legs or wings get stuck in the glue of glue traps, after which the insect cannot escape and remains stuck to the glue trap. 


Gumtree is one of the few Indian manufacturers with the technology to manufacture insect glue traps that require micron-thick glue on paper, paper boards, or plastic substrates.  In addition, Gumtree has imported sophisticated equipment from leading global manufacturers to produce high-quality insect glue traps in India.



How do glue traps attract pests?

Glue traps use different principles to attract pests before trapping them.  Here are the principles used in glue traps, which Gumtree incorporates in its product range for effective pest trapping with the Gumtree glue traps. 



Pest Behavior: 

 Pests sometimes end up on the glue traps without realizing the latter’s existence in their habitual paths.  Therefore, rodent glue traps rely on typical rodent behaviour of using the same path from their nests to their food source.  Trapping that relies on a pest accidentally stepping on a trap in its way uses ‘blunder traps.”


As rodents do not have good eyesight and rely on feeling their way around using their whiskers and body hairs, traps along walls have a high chance of capturing rodents.  However, rodents are also known to move away from walls and between walls.


Therefore, a good rodent control program will rely on traps based on the observed rodent behaviour: their number and movement path.


Houseflies prefer to rest on thin vertical surfaces like wires, strings, or ropes.  For example, strands of threads hang vertically, or pleats of curtains or similar objects attract houseflies.  Gumtree Fly Strips use housefly behaviour and have become effective tools in successful fly control.



 Rodent traps sometimes use peanut butter, chocolate, nuts, seeds, marshmallows, gumdrops, meat, jam, and cheese as food to attract mice and rats.  However, Gumtree Rat traps function effectively without any food bait. Food odours also substitute for foods and attract pests to traps.  Food odors are also popular in attracting cockroaches and flies, with fermented foods attractive to cockroaches and rotting organic matter drawing houseflies.



 Odour attractants are also popular in luring pests to traps.  For example, cockroach glue traps attract cockroaches through odor which appeals to those insects.  As it is easier to formulate odours in solid carriers, cockroach trap manufacturers make granules or tablets that emit odors appealing to cockroaches. 


As houseflies prefer rotting organic matter to lay eggs, popular housefly traps like Gumtree Fly bags and fly jars rely on such odor to attract those insects.  However, the odours of housefly traps are not appealing to people and may even repel them.  Hence, housefly traps such as fly bags and jars are more suitable for outdoor use.  However, using such traps indoors may result in those traps attracting houseflies indoors.




 Insects use pheromones, and chemical scents, to communicate with each other and within their species.  A pheromone could be a sex pheromone or an aggregation pheromone, with female insects emitting sex pheromones to lure males.  In contrast, all individual insects can emit aggregation pheromones to signal others to gather at a food source. 


Gumtree Delta traps rely on synthetic pheromones from lures to attract insects.  Pheromone traps mimic natural pheromones through synthetic chemical lures which are species-specific.




Some insect pests have an affinity to specific colours.  For example, yellow attracts aphids and whiteflies, whereas blue attracts thrips.  Yellow and contrasting shades (black and white or black and yellow) also attract houseflies.  Gumtree Sticky Traps use this principle and trap these pests. Gumtree’s Fly Trap max is yellow and has black lines, making it more attractive to houseflies.



UV Light:

 Insect Light Traps (ILTs) successfully use the light attraction of houseflies to control them.  ILTs emit UV-A light and attract houseflies.  Once the houseflies are drawn to the ILTs, the traps kill them using a high-voltage electric grid or snare them on the glue boards.  Gumtree supplies such fly control glue boards for all types of Insect Light Traps of any make. 


Gumtree backs its product range with principles of pest behaviour using the above biological principles.  In addition, by extensive testing before launch and during production, Gumtree ensures that its products are of high quality and perform effectively in the field.


Gumtree products are successful and widely accepted by professional pest control companies and consumers because these products result from refinement and evolution based on around a hundred years of cumulative experience of the company’s promoters. 


Moreover, Gumtree’s state-of-the-art manufacturing site at Pilerne, Goa, is testimony to its relentless commitment to continual improvement and meeting the highest quality standards in its product range. As a result, Gumtree is trusted by pest controllers and consumers looking for effective pest control tools that do not rely on pesticides. 

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