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Fly Control Products

Houseflies are an annoyance of their presence, but they are also a transmitter of a hundred disease-causing organisms and thus a pest of public health importance.  Houseflies carry pathogens in and on their bodies and can cause various diseases in people and animals, including bacillary dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and tuberculosis.

Houseflies are diurnal and active during the day.  At night, houseflies congregate on wires, strings, beams, and ceilings indoors and on vegetation outdoors.  Gumtree’s Fly strips are good monitoring tools and indicate the extent of the population.  Gumtree’s Fly bags and jars are outdoor traps which are eco-friendly pest control products that generate odours to attract flies and drown them in water.  Gumtree’s universal glue boards used in flycatchers help monitor housefly populations.

GT Fly Bag.png

A simple disposable trap against houseflies

GT Fly Jar.png

Fly Jar

A simple reusable trap against houseflies

GT Fly Strips.png

A simple glue strip against houseflies

Insect control board 3D png.png

A glue board for use in electric fly catchers

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