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IPM Products

IPM Products

A range of insect pests impacts agricultural and horticultural crops.  Integrated pest management of crop pests involves the combination of biological, physical, and chemical methods to control pests.

Pheromone lures are available for some lepidopteran (moth) crop pests, and depending on the pest, these products can aid in monitoring or mass-trapping the target pest population.  Farmers use moth pest pheromone lures in Gumtree Delta traps and a sticky liner.  The male adult moths attracted to the pheromone lure inside the Delta traps get stuck to the sticky liner.

Sap-sucking pests are also common in a range of crops and garden species.  Plant sap-sucking pests include aphids, psyllids, thrips, mites, whiteflies, jassids, hoppers, scales, and mealy bugs.  The control methods of sap-sucking pests include habitat modification, cultural methods, pest-resistant crop varieties, chemical pesticides, and biological control methods.  Sap-sucking pests have developed resistance to numerous chemical pesticides leading to the adoption of non-chemical methods in their control.

GT Sticky Traps.png

An ideal trap for sap-sucking plant pests.

GT Delta Trap & Liner.png

A pyramidal shaped trap for use with pheromone lures

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